2022 Categories

Miss Lyra NZ 2022 will feature 3 categories:

  • Open – Solo for the title of ‘Miss Lyra New Zealand 2022’
  • Group – Open group competition
  • Amateur – Intermediate/beginner non-professional solo

Competitors which meet one or more of the following, should compete in either Open, or Group:

  • You are a Lyra instructor.
  • You have performed Lyra for payment.
  • You have placed in an amateur Lyra competition in the last 13 months.

General Notes

  • Amateur – All hoops must be double point, or single point (Tabless are a single point).
  • Group/Open – Lyra may be a non-standard shape/style. (MLNZ must be satisfied it can be rigged safely)
  • No use of either Foot, or Hand Loops.
  • Lyra must be at a fixed height.
  • Points will be deducted for not including required elements (detailed for each category below)

OPEN Category

Open Category – Required elements:

  • An advanced drop, catch & release move, or flip.
  • A move above the top bar of the lyra.
  • One continuous advanced roll (Either – single roll executed multiple times, OR – multiple rolls strung together, without break).
  • A move which demonstrates strength.
  • A move which demonstrates flexibility.

Open Category – Restrictions:

  • Be no longer than 4 minutes in duration.

GROUP Category

Group Category – Required elements:

  • A move which demonstrates strength of at least one performer.
  • A move which demonstrates flexibility of at least one performer.

Group Category – Restrictions:

  • Be no longer than 4 minutes in duration.

AMATEUR Category

Amateur Category – Required elements:

  • A combo while spinning.
  • A dynamic combo.
  • An element of dance.

Amateur Category – Restrictions:

  • Be no longer than 3 minutes in duration.
  • No meathooks, back flags or planches.
  • No heel hangs, toe hangs or neck hangs.
  • No inverts on the strop/sling/rope
  • No advanced rolls (Such as back circles, or lion rolls).
  • Drops:
    • No Advanced Drops (See additional detail below)
    • May not end with a single arm hang, single elbow hang, or single knee hang.
    • Locked single knee/triangle is permitted.

Competitors in all categories will be judged within these two areas:

  • Technique & Execution – 50%
  • Showmanship & Presentation – 50%

What counts as an advanced drop?

  • Drops that start or end in an element listed as a restriction for competitors in the amateur category:
    • Meathook, Backflag or Planche e.g., crocodile drop
    • Heel/Toe/Neck hangs e.g., top bar heel hang to armpit hang, top bar toe hang to knee hang, knee hang/back balance to heel hang
    • Inverts on the strop e.g., in-strop flip to upside down hoop, in-strop drop to bottom bar hip hang
  • Drops or flips during which all grip points with the hoop are lost e.g., straddle flip, hocks flip, tombe, foley (beat to front balance)
  • Drops that heavily rely on single arm or single knee grip e.g., half tombe variations (bubble drop), single leg cradle to single knee hang
  • Hands-free head-first drops: back balance/star to knee hang, seat to ankle hang
  • Other drops that are considered advanced due to the level of danger or technicality: superman drop, top bar knee hang to full hang, top bar skin the cat to locked single knee hang, front balance to hang/straddle

What does NOT count as an advanced drop?

  • Drops that end up in a locked single knee hang or triangle pose (unless listed above) e.g., single leg cradle to locked single knee hang, star to locked single knee hang, hiphold to locked single knee hang
  • Drops that rely on solid grip with both hands (unless listed above) e.g., top bar knee hang to front balance, top bar leg block to diver, backwards drop to pike/straddle.
  • Drops that could also be considered “rolls” or “slides” e.g., forward roll to pike/knee hang, forward roll to single knee hang, single leg cradle to locked single elbow hang, crescent moon to running man/candlestick, front balance to delilah/half angel, iron fanny to candlestick/running man/side straddle, top bar half angel to single leg cradle

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