2020 Categories

Miss Lyra NZ 2020 will feature 3 categories:

  • Open – Solo for the title of ‘Miss Lyra New Zealand 2020’
  • Group – Open group competition
  • Amateur – Intermediate/beginner non-professional solo

Competitors which meet one or more of the following, should compete in either Open, or Group:

  • You’re an aerial instructor.
  • You’ve done paid performances.
  • You’ve placed in an amateur lyra competition in the last 12 months.

General Notes

  • All hoops must be double point, or single point (Tabless are a single point).
  • No specialty lyras. (Moons, hearts, etc).
  • No use of either Foot, or Hand Loops.
  • Lyra must be at a fixed height.
  • Points will be deducted for not including required elements (detailed for each category below)

OPEN Category

Open Category – Required elements:

  • An advanced drop, catch & release move, or flip.
  • A move above the top bar of the lyra.
  • One continuous advanced roll (single roll executed multiple times, without break).
  • A move which demonstrates strength.
  • A move which demonstrates flexibility.

Open Category – Restrictions:

  • Be no longer than 4 minutes in duration.

GROUP Category

Group Category – Required elements:

  • A move which demonstrates strength of at least one performer.
  • A move which demonstrates flexibility of at least one performer.

Group Category – Restrictions:

  • Be no longer than 4 minutes in duration.

AMATEUR Category

Amateur Category – Required elements:

  • At least two spin elements.
  • An element of dance.

Amateur Category – Restrictions:

  • Be no longer than 3 minutes in duration.
  • No meathooks, back flags or planches.
  • No heel hangs, toe hangs or neck hangs.
  • No inverts on the strop/sling/rope
  • No advanced rolls (Such as back circles, or lion rolls).
  • Drops:
    • Starting position must have at least 3 points of contact with the Hoop.
    • May not end with a single arm hang, single elbow hang, or single knee hang.
    • Locked single knee/triangle is permitted.

Competitors in all categories will be judged within these two areas:

  • Technique & Execution – 50%
  • Showmanship & Presentation – 50%

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